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Buenos Dias, Jinotega!

March 5, 2010

On March 6th, 2010, a group of students from Harding University (some friends and family members included) left their Searcy, Arkansas campus and journeyed to the misty city of Jinotega, Nicaragua, as part of what could only be described as a “non-traditional mission trip.” Over the next week, these students – a patchwork of reporters, therapists, teachers, pharmacists, and others – will live and work out of the Mision Para Cristo, an influential missionary and development program based in Jinotega.

And what are we college kids doing that’s so “non-traditional”? Each student brings something different to the table – a different field of study, a different perspective – but rather than set our differences aside, we will use them to paint a bigger, sharper, and more vibrant picture. Whether on film or in our hearts, through interviews or simple conversation, the students on this mission trip will use their individual talents to connect with the people of Jinotega. Some of those connections will stretch all the way back to Searcy; others may simply stretch the individuals who make them. The methods are fluid, but the goal of this trip is clear: we will find Nicaragua, and we will carry it home.

As part of the trip, each student will keep a blog of his or her experiences at the Mision Para Cristo, and *this* blog will connect them all. We’ll select a few blog posts each day to highlight on this site, but the experiences and stories of each student can be viewed at any time by following the links on the right side of the page, under “Student Blogs.” It’s an easy way for the journalism student to see what the pharmacy major is up to, or for the speech pathologist to see how the public relations student is using his talent to glorify God in Nicaragua. With any luck, the outside world will read these blogs and hear our stories, as well.